But I WANT to reply!!

February 2010 ยท 1 minute read

The prevalence of the noreply email address is the worst thing to happen to customer service since robo-call

A while back, I signed up for redbubble.com to buy a t-shirt or something. Right away I got this really nice (automated) email that actually seemed personal because it was actually “from” someone. It felt like I was communicating with a person rather than a faceless company. Why thank-you Jason Michaels for welcoming me to this community. But then I realized the ‘from’ address is ‘noreply’ and I felt duped.

I suppose this happens because of the way companies are organized internally:

So the compromise is to send out emails, but do everything you can to keep them one-sided. I wonder how these companies are coping with their twitter/blogs/getsatisfaction ?

On a related note, MySpace no longer has a human face.