AAAaaand I'm back

October 2008 ยท 1 minute read

Ok, so long story short, my custom built web server, pieced together lovingly with twine, duct tape and old calculators finally bit it. Her name was Anna, and she served me well for several years. However, the bitch took my blog and everything else with her.

So, now I’m back up, running virtualized, and modern, and all around happy with life. Except of course for all the shit I lost.

I’d like to throw out a special thanks to my buddy Evan Eckard, who provided the beautiful wordpress theme. Though I liked the design of my old blog, it would seem the waybackmachine didn’t see fit to store all my images. So, screw it, we’re starting over.

On a technical note, to all those geeks who think they can sysadmin their own box, keep in mind that just because you setup software raid once before, if you don’t actually CHECK YOUR LOGS, you won’t notice when one of your drives fails. And then later when you go to recover your data, you MIGHT not notice that the drive you restored hasn’t been written to since 2003, and then when you reformat the working drive so that you can store all those battlestar galactica episodes you’ve been saving you just fucked yourself.